Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's coming together!

I've been working hard Next Door. That's what I've decided to call it, Next Door. I was using The Studio but it just didn't roll off of my tongue and felt pretentious. The dining room is furnished with an antique drop leaf table and (so far) 4 antique chairs. Mark and I had a great day shopping for these and will have to do another one to get a few more chairs. Linda is making the curtains. A nice buttery yellow stripe. These match the kitchen colors and pulls it all together. If the color is right I have a stained glass hanging lamp that my dad made in the '70's that will hang above the table. The living is decked out with new leather couch and love seat in a warm and inviting brown. A great little slipper chair in a nice stripe sits to the side. I also got a new coffee table. It's the type that the top lifts up and out so it can be used like a table. So cool! The bookshelves from the basement are cleaned up and sitting in the corner. One houses the knitting library and yarns that are not assigned to any special pattern. Yet. The other one is for spinning and, as Shelley put it, locker baskets. It's coming along. I hope to be doing knit nights and classes by May.

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  1. Well, have you got that going yet or still busy getting it ready. I am anxiously awaiting...