Friday, April 10, 2009

So we were watching the news last night and Mark kept yelling at the TV. I think we'll have to have a news timeout until this whole ship hostage thing is worked out. He was really on edge!

Knit wise, I'm kind of stalled out. I have my frankenknits to finish but I'm not feeling any love for them. It's an 80s mohair sweater that I've frogged and made into a purse and zipper pouch. I love to make the purses and totes but I'm really much more of a Coach girl. I'm at the ribbing on my Tang sweater. It's going to be great. Love the red. Just needs sleeves and it will be done in time to put it away and wait for fall. Sigh.

Easter is this weekend. Mom & Dad usually have dinner at their house but this year they are in Alabama with friends for Spring Break. Lacie has stepped up and is having it at her house because she "has more toys". Can't argue with that. Who doesn't enjoy a good cow race or game of pool? We'll have the usual. Ham, Polish sausage, yams, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, jello stuff, chocolate trifle and a lamb cake. I can feel the food comma already.

Tomorrow is a day in Chicago. We're going to PFChangs for lunch and then to the Oriental Theater to see Rent. A good time will be had by all I'm sure.

Until later, carry on.