Thursday, September 10, 2009

They are giving away GOATS!

Do you know about this?

If I had a few more acres I think I would be very interested in it. I've alerted my sister. She has a goat ranch ... Boer goats, tho, not for spinning. I've been telling her to get some Angora's and keep them for me. (fingers crossed behind my back)

Quite a few years back my friend and I went to New Buffalo, MI and visited a fiber farm. She had about 100 head of angora goats and several llamas. It was an amazing afternoon. We tramped through the fields with all these little cuties following us around. My neck was even snuffled by a llama who seemed to love my perfume. I came home with bags and bags of yummy fiber to spin and a new appreciation for the fiber on the hoof.

Mohair, in my opinion is the most wonderful to dye. It loves dye. It's vibrant, bright and shiny. I have a couple of pounds of it being processed by Wooly Knob at the moment and can't wait to see what the super soft roving will turn into.